Audio Archive Sampling

Welcome to the Local Poets Guild Audio Archive! It seemed sensible to us, after some reflection, that there should be a way for visitors to this website to hear the poets themselves, especially since one of the primary functions of this website is to provide a way for poets (and venues looking for poets) to really connect with one another. Click on the embedded player’s “Play” (below the title of the poem) to hear the poet’s work!

Tani Arness: “Moon Notes”

Rich Boucher: “Guided Meditation 1 – Finding the Sky”

Teresa Gallion (with Michael John Hall): “Captured Moments”

Lisa Gill (with Dino J.A. Deane, C.K. Barlow, and Joseph Sabella): “A Buddhist Down the Road”

Aaron Greenwood: “Memory in Soft Fog”

Katrina Guarascio: “Rain”

Kenneth Gurney: “Fluid Shape of an Empty Womb”

Zachary Kluckman: “Dogtags and Butterflies”

Jennifer Krohn: “Vivisection”

Don McIver: “Carla June”

Jules Nyquist (with Alicia Ultan): “Horizons”

Mitch Rayes: “In Search of the Rio Grande”

Robert Arthur Reeves (with Mitch Rayes): “Her Dreaming”

Stewart Warren: “Not Just Another Saint-Named Town”