How To Embrace Your Inner Undead–And Why It Matters

When an acupuncturist diagnosed me with “Corpse Disease,” I was ecstatic. Dozens of shape-shifting labels have landed in my chart, but no other theories—not even mine—trace back to medical texts compiled during the… Continue reading

Why ABQ & Belize’s Virginia Hampton Writes & Performs

Fabric of Community:  Why I Write…& Perform By Virginia Hampton When I first moved to Albuquerque, I moved into a little apartment right across from a theatre which had been around since the… Continue reading

How to ROOST by Tuba Player Mark Weaver

  “My interest in producing The Roost stems from my feeling that if something has been important in one’s life, it is important to try to give back….” Mark Weaver THE ROOST creative music… Continue reading

What Turning 21 Means in Poetryland, plus Matthew John Conley on Trinidad Sanchez Jr.

Albuquerque’s long-standing monthly Poetry & Beer series is finally old enough to drink–LEGALLY. What does it mean when a poetry series has been around 21 years? Is that even comprehensible? Month after month,… Continue reading

Blanket & Spleen (Part 1) by lisa gill

It had been sunny the day before when the man on Mass. Ave threw the blanket over my head. A blue eclipse. He threw the blanket over my head, shoved me against the… Continue reading

O-Burque: First Farm Dinner by Mark LeClaire

First Farm Dinner By Mark LeClaire Albuquerque A week ago I was in my kitchen preparing for our first farm dinner – a celebration of local agriculture.  It was mid June and wildfires… Continue reading

About toads, kids, poverty, books, Aunt Lisa downloads

A couple months after I started working as a handyman in Albuquerque’s “Warzone,” I cleaned an apartment with the densest cockroach population I’ve ever encountered. Roach feces covered the walls. The whole place… Continue reading


I’m figuring out how to embed a second blog to showcase the FYI, ABQ! website for events that is in development and this test post is actually one of the necessary steps… Continue reading

Fabric of Community: Prometheus in America’s Dairyland by James D. Autio

“Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.”–Andy… Continue reading

How I Finally Learned the Importance of Hair-Combing & Came to Appreciate the Intellectual Rigor of Deciphering the Meaning of Good & Bad Hair Days

Recently, at age 43, I learned a very important lesson about the importance of combing your hair. An epiphany of sorts. Before I get into that though, I want to give you a… Continue reading