Carlos Contreras

“….I’m not your typical poet, Not your typical teacher, for that matter I’m not your typical man either. I’m simply something different, than something like yourselves. I’m the akward direction of these curved lines, and the limitation of these verbs, I’m a situation that’s completely reliant on the comfort of words. ……”


Carlos Contreras is a performance poet, born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico . Contreras found the slam poetry scene at the age of 17. When he qualified for the Albuquerque , poetry slam team that attended the National Poetry Slam Championships in Seattle , Washington , Contreras was the youngest ever to qualify in Albuquerque . Carlos is now 25 years old. He works at a local charter school in an adult jail facility ( Gordon Bernell Charter School ) and is seeking licensure for high school English this summer. He is passionate about what he does because he considers it a responsibility. Inside the facility he currently runs writing workshops, for both men and women. Aside from the school, Contreras has recently teamed up with other artists to create Essential Elements Arts Cooperative, an art space based out of Chroma Art Center . In the realm of performance poetry, Contreras is a one time member of a National Championship Team in 2005; and a one time college team member, of National Championship Team, Team UNM in 2006. Carlos plays host to the National Hispanic Cultural Center ’s Voces program, each year for the month of June.

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