Sara Marie Ortiz

“…It sang the song of them & this but it did not, will not, contain the names of them.

& sometimes it seemed that the
always-leaving-even-when-returning-song of them
was the same one that was sung about the ancestors.

But it wasn’t.
Tenor & pulse.
Movement & measure.


A silent requiem for the ghost dancers we have become;
Native American Preparatory School
where the children have always been & will always be as ghosts…”


Sara Marie Ortiz is a twenty seven year old Acoma Pueblo memoirist, poet, scholar, aspiring filmmaker, youth trainer, and Indigenous Peoples advocate. She is a graduate of the Institute of American Indian Arts (BFA in Creative Writing, 2006), graduating from Antioch University Los Angeles with her MFA in Creative Writing in 2009. She has published and presented her work widely and is the recipient of several fellowships, scholarships, awards, and recognition for her nonfiction, poetry, academic study, and advocacy, among these the Truman Capote Literary Fellowship, The Brigham Young/Native American Literature Symposium Morning Star Award in Creative Writing, and the American Indian Graduate Center Fellowship.

* Photograph by Sara Marie Ortiz.

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