Bill Nevins

Bad News, a Waltz

Like speaking of love

to a bad drunk,

Batting a bear

 with a black-

 iron fry pan


counter productive

makes no dent


as the grizzly

 told Tim Treadwell

I ain’t no metaphor man

“Molly Malone (Alive, alive-oh!)” was the first poem Bill Nevins recalls. Born in 1947 into a family of cops, fire fighters and military vets, Nevins attended Iona College in the late 1960s and fell in with writers Terence Winch, Angelo Verga, Michael Palma, John Mariani, Paul E. Delaney, Larry Kirwan. Nevins has had a varied career as educator, social worker, editor and writer, farmer. His journalism has appeared over the years in Z, The Guardian, Roots World, Dirty Linen and other national publications and he is a staff writer for Abq ARTS and Trend in the Southwest. A grandfather, his poems have appeared in Central Avenue, The Rag, Maple Leaf Rag, Malpais Review and other magazines, and he has performed poetry at Telluride Talking Gourds, The Maple Leaf in New Orleans, The Bowery Poetry Cafe, Cornelia Street Cafe and Rocky Sullivan’s Pub in NY City, at Taos Poetry Circus and he is in the documentary feature film, Committing Poetry in Times of War . In 2004, in a ceremony at NYU, Steve Earle awarded Nevins a Courageous Resistors Award for defense of free expression.

Bill Nevins lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he teaches English for UNM VC,  still searching for Molly Malone’s ghostly wheelbarrow. Find him on FB, see these links:  or contact Local Poets Guild for more info.
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