Aaron Trumm

dreaming sticky today of the man without a face
you know the one
he asked you for a quarter yesterday

when blood isn’t streaming down his ankles anymore
he is looking for a place he can rest his wicked feet
wandering dangerous into sand dune heaven
there is no one here to love him
so he buries his lust in old plush carpet
and we wish we had what he has

Recording and performing since 1989, Aaron Trumm has been the 10th ranked slam poet in the world, 2 time Houston poetry slam champ, appeared at 5 national poetry slams, released 3 alternative hip-hop CDs and created the techno/classical/poetry fusion act Third Option, which was called “wicked, totally compelling” by BBC Radio I’s Annie Nightingale. His website is at http://www.nquit.com/aarontrumm

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