Eric J. Brinovec

From the poem, “The Red Sentence/The Red Sentience”:

“…I’m a red sentence in the middle of the sun…, Shaped pieces of glass, cut things more comfortably than the jagged glass. Life lived in the middle of a mirage…, The sand ground the plaque off my young teeth, while walking amidst the harsh smells of burning trash on a dusky mesa settlement, burnt kernels of valid memory, I’ll never be the me you want me to be… I’ll paint the intricacies of your demands on hot slabs of cheap concrete…”


Eric J. Brinovec is a semi-disenfranchised 29 year-old poet/waiter who writes Neo-Phsychedelic-Surrealist poems. He is now living in Albuquerque,NM(Hanging by a thread). He does some open mic performances, but hasn’t yet clicked with the real scene in town. He’s grazed the pages of Madswirl, Leaf Garden Press #5 and #7, Shampoo, Caliopenerve, Windmills, Purdee(Audio), The Other Herald, MediaSwirl, The Bicycle Review, Ygdrasil, Asphodel Madness, and maybe some others he forgot about. He’s also got two manuscripts of his poetry he’s loosely seeking publication for. Anywho, he plans to do more public stuff granted he acquires knowledge of them and has the chance.

You can find him on Facebook or request more information on Eric from the guild.

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