NM Poetry

Albuquerque New Mexico has a thriving poetry scene.

For a list of ongoing readings, see this recent article on series or click this less recent link.

For some of the venues that sponsor poetry, try this link.

For NM based publications click here.

For a glimpse of some of NM’s poetry and literary festivals and conferences, click here.

To see what radio options are available for spoken word, click here.

And if you want to get a sense of the range of the work being done in NM, you can try some samples in the audio archive at this link or you can find  snapshots we took around 2011 that offer a sampling  Albuquerque’s poets. They’ve all kept working so publication credits will have changed, but if you peruse the pages through the links on their names, you can get a sense of just how vibrant our community is. A former youth page which showcases teams can be found here.