Larry Goodell

“For Robert Duncan”:

“…For Robert Duncan

May the rounds of magical fires
imbue you with strength
set by those that know it
the concubines of terse music
know you are the successor of the successors
of the successors of the
great rings of flinging angels
singing unheard of songs
forever down and may I add
up through the voices of mere
women and men.”


Larry Goodell is a poet who was born in Roswell, but has spent most of his life in Placitas and Albuquerque. He brings poetry to life by enunciating clearly and sometimes using masks or costumes. He has collaborated with many artists, taught and started workshops. He emphasizes performance but loves the printed page and has produced books and magazines from his Duende Press. He uses satire, humor and song to reach audiences of any age. His writing often generates from gardening, from word-play, from the socio-political and from his love and long relationship with Lenore Goodell.

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