Tracey Pontani

“…You see, she’s practiced at caring less
She laughs like sorrow, heavy like sin
From her navel to her eyelids
She’s tattooed the names of old lovers down her backbone
A name for every hallow in her rib cage
She knows it’s the only way she’ll ever remember their names
Though their faces she’s still desperate to forget
You love her possibilities more than your own lives sometimes
You love this animal….”


Never one to be defined by position, parenthood or place of origin, Tracey Pontani defines herself with passion and verse. An infant care-giver, proud mother of two and New Jersey native, she frames her unique and multifaceted perspective on life through her work. She has since given back to the scene by volunteering at numerous poetry events and is currently the organizer of Firestorm, Albuquerque’s all women’s open-mic and poetry slam.

You can find her on Facebook or request more information on Tracey from the guild.

[Photos by Gina Marselle.]

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