Anouncing 8x8x8: Roost with a Spoken Word Bang

Local Poets Guild is proud to be collaborating with tuba-player Mark Weaver on his music series The Roost during the months of August and September. The intent of this series is to provide a regular forum for emergent creative music, which is to be made easily accessible to all members of our community.  The series is envisioned to include various forms of improvised music, original jazz, new music, and other types of musical experimentation, composition, and exploration, with a goal of trying to germinate and incubate creative music processes in our community.  Experimentation and incorporation of various media is encouraged, with a special emphasis this year on spoken-word elements.  Events are curated with an eye to originality, freshness of approach, and artistic vision. Each of the shows in the two-month series will be opened by a different poet or spokenword ensemble. That’s–count them–eight shows with eight spoken word performances each lasting about eight minutes. Poetry gets to kick the night into high gear–and you know that great dialogue will be fostered between musicians and poets and audience…

Check out this stellar line-up.

  1. August 7th Tracey Pontani kicks off the series by opening for the Zack Freeman Improv Trio and Ink oN pAPER
  2. August 14th Brian Hendrickson opens for Tracy McMullen / Rob Wallace / Hal Onserud (pictured above)
  3. August 21st Sari Krosinsky and Bob Reeves verbally spar before the Thin Air Trio
  4. August 28th Mark Weber joins old friends  for Michael Vlatkovich Trio (Vlatkovich/Lee/McLagen)
  5. Sept 4th The Beautiful On a Tangent Touring Trio of Kat Guarascio, Zack Kluckman, and Jessica Helen Lopez open for Now Playing – the music of Horace Tapscott (Muller/Wright/Wayne)
  6. Sept 11th Erin Daughtrey kicks of a night with Nella Nairb (Brian Allen solo), plus Christian Pincock solo
  7. Sept 18th LA Poet Brendan Constantine opens for LA group Slumgum
  8. And Sept 25th Jazz Advance bloggist Richard Oyama closes it out for DJ Duo–J.A. Deane and Joseph Sabella

Every show will start at 7:30 PM on a Sunday night at the Projects 3614 High Street NE.

Here’s to getting some really fabulous interdisciplinary dialogue up and running and for the opportunity to enjoy dang good times for poetry and music.

Gracias to Mark Weaver for letting Local Poets Guild be involved in this project. An honor, a joy!!!