Jason L. Yurcic

“….As the carrier pigeon flaps it wings
leaving behind its grit on roof tops
I too, flap my wings to read what’s left
the grit I read as a poem
you may see ridge lines filled with splatter
some moist, some dry and flaking
it is there where the poem resides
in the poop trail
on the roof top
and you must not be afraid to get dirty…”


Jason L. Yurcic, a pain based poet, has published 4 books of his work. His first release Voice of My Heart -(Sherman Asher Publishing), was awarded runner-up in the 2007 NM Book Awards. Poems by Jason L. Yurcic – (Verna Press), Word Son -( EMAYA Publishing), and Odes to Anger -(West End Press) also runner-up NM Book Awards 2009. His first play, Little Ghost, won a national competition and was produced by Nicholas Sabato and the Santa Fe Performing Arts in ’09.
Jason L. Yurcic was functionally illiterate until the age of 25 years old when he sat down to try and compose a suicide letter to his family. As he tried to express his feelings, he found he did not contain the skills needed so the his mother would understand his decision. It was then, he picked up a book, fought his way through dyslexia and learned a few words to tell of his pain. He never finished the letter, the words he read started to change his image of himself, his feeling of worthlessness. Five years later he published his first book.

You can find him here: http://yurcic.com, or request more information on Jason from the guild.

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