Anthony Hunt

From the poem, “Arising in Albuquerque”:

the sounds
crows outside
in the cold bare trees

the hum of the furnace below

the house creaks

eyes pried open . . .
dark floaters drift . . . every which way
along the white ceiling

oh . . . the warmth of our bodies
the glow.

Good . . .
yet another . . .

“Good Morning.”

We are
still here……”


As a college freshman Tony Hunt began writing poems and has never stopped. A university professor with degrees in English from Hawaii (M.A. 1966) and UNM (Ph.D. 1971) he has taught in the U.S., Nigeria, Puerto Rico, Poland, Croatia, and Taiwan. In 2004 the Univ. of Nevada Press published Genesis, Structure, and Meaning in Gary Snyder’s ‘Mountains and Rivers Without End,’ a scholarly book on Snyder’s epic length poem. A chapbook, The Undertoad, was published in 1998 [Greenbird Press]; his poetry appears in Sargasso [PR], Nimrod, Paintbrush, Phoebus Light [PR], Atenea [PR], and The Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review. Currently an Associate Editor in the Voices from the American Land program, he also teaches poetry courses for the Institute for LifeLong Learning for New Mexicans. He expects to finish a novel about Poland this year. Shortly after moving from PR to NM in 2007, he convinced Felix Wurman to include poetry as part of the Church of Beethoven; Tony continues to read there on a regular basis.

You can find him on facebook, or here, or here, or here, or request more information on Tony from the guild.

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