Kat Heatherington

“……it was the first river i ever met
that stayed wet all year. even in winter.
the water never stopped, or slid underground,
evading human sight and use and understanding.
i knew rivers did that, some other place than central Arizona,
but in the way one knows that the moon has another side,
where sunlight waxes and wanes over different craters.
until i saw it, it didn’t matter.

i have never left….”


Kat Heatherington is a poet, artist & ecofeminist pagan, who lives in Sunflower River River intentional community outside of Albuquerque. Her work deals with the interstices of nature & human relationships, and the organic realities of farm life. She has recently been published in Conceptions Southwest, The InnerConnexion, Venus Envy, and the Harwood Anthology, and has 8 self-published chapbooks, which can be purchased from the author at yarrow@sunflowerriver.org.

You can find her here; http://sunflowerriver.livejournal.com, or request more information on Kat from the guild.

* Photograph by Jaime Cobb.

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