Merimee Moffitt

From the poem, “Blue Canoe”:

“…heavy with self-doubt, I pull the hood up on your old bathrobe
my choices narrow: following you to bed
or writing. I choose the words but ponder your body
big bellied old man with funny white socks
your eagerness to please indicated again and again
by silence same as you show disapproval, anger, sorrow—
silent as a book
our asymmetry unites us
back to back, yin / yang
we fit together
like in our blue canoe…”


My poems have appeared in American Open Mic II, Earthships Anthologies, Oasis Journal, Persimmon Tree, Lunarosity, Sin Fronteras, Pemmican, Looking Back to Place, New Mexico Poetry Review and others. I have won $ in the SW Writers contests, presented at Poetry in Place, and have taught numerous workshops at CNM. I was a winner in Narrative (on-line mag) haiku contest! I mentor several younger poets, am part of an on-going women’s writing group on-line, co-editor of the Rag and contribute to the open mic Fixed and Free as co-founder and occasional host. I have given several lessons on the Persian form, the ghazal and enjoy hearing ghazals around and about town sprung from that source (credit Agha Shahid Ali).

You can find her on Facebook or request more information on Merimee from the guild.

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