Taryn Marie

“We can be head-up and tender here
Frailty painted into our skin the color of pale lips
And moist fingertips
We could be heroines here
Bare foot with swollen hearts
Sitting a top the blush side of a hill
I pray she understands the beauty beneath all of her confusion
When my best days become familiar
And I find comfort in the noise of my blistered stampeding heart”
From poem ‘Blush’


Taryn (a.k.a. TeaSea.Inc) is an Albuquerque poet and writer of short stories and fiction novels.  She is an undergraduate studying English with a minor in Philosophy at the University of New Mexico; she plans to continue her education and attain an MFA concentrated in creative writing soon thereafter.  Taryn began performing in early 2009, winning her first poetry slam – Firestorm.  While she continued to perform a while after, her current focus is on becoming established as a ‘page-poet’, and continuing to extend her writing genre to fiction.  Her literary muses are Charles Bukowski, Allen Ginsberg, Anne Sexton, and Stephen King. [Photo by Gina Marselle]

You can find her on FB, or view her website here or contact Local Poets Guild for more info.

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