Teresa E. Gallion

She sings to the edges of the flame.
A voice soft like velvet
dances with fire light,
contemplates the scent of a rose’s
tranquil opening to the world.
She remembers the exit
from her mother’s womb.
A slow glide into the world,
eyes wide open, a primeval howl
trumpets her arrival….

(from the poem, Preparing to Face the Day)
Teresa E. Gallion was born in Shreveport, LA and moved to Chicago at the age of 15.  She has lived in Albuquerque, NM since 1987.  She completed her undergraduate work at University of Illinois Chicago and her Masters Degree in Psychology from Bowling Green State University in Ohio.  Her work career has been with state government in Human Services in both Illinois and New Mexico. Her work has appeared in Willow Street, Central Avenue, Harwood Review, Broomweed Journal, Adobe Walls and numerous anthologies.  Some of those include: Earthships, Book Lung, Once Upon A Place, and Turtle Music.  She has a chapbook, Walking Sacred Ground (Celebrating the Landscape) and a CD, On the Wings of the Wind.  Both speak to her journey as a seeker working to unfold spiritually.  Her work reflects her spiritual connection to the land.  Poetry is her avocation.  When she is not writing, she hikes the mountains and deserts of New Mexico.
Listen to one of her poems here.

You can find her on FB or contact Local Poets Guild for more information.

[Photo Credit goes to Robin Neft]