Kathleen Johnson

From the poem, “Another October Night with Van Morrison”:

Notes range and fluctuate: shadows
of geese over cold fields of milo,
a tomcat yowling and gold-eyed under the moon.

It isn’t so much the darkness, but the light —
nocturnes of gilt and garnet, ruddy mars regal as Hecate
in sky so clear you notice the colors of stars.

These nights I’m awake to the wild:
coyotes yelping in chase, mating calls
of owls, my own lupine dreams….”


I’m the founding editor and publisher of the New Mexico Poetry Review. I received my BFA in history of art and MFA in creative writing from the University of Kansas. As a freelance book critic specializing in poetry, I published over sixty book reviews in The Kansas City Star between 2002 and 2009. My first collection of poems, Burn, was published by Woodley Press in 2008. Burn was selected as a 2009 Kansas Notable Book. A fifth-generation New Mexican, I became a full-time resident of Santa Fe in 2009.

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