Jules Nyquist

I dreamed you cut your hair. Your neck, white and smooth, says the new life will be easier. The necklace would have been best kept under glass. Now turquoise stones circle your neck. The travel brochure mentions silence three times. You ask the devil for a new type of bondage.

Poem excerpt:  from “Horizons”

Jules Nyquist is a native Minnesotan well known in the Twin Cities literary community who has recently moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico.  She performs her poetry exploring sound and form.  She also writes plays and memoir, has taught at the Loft Literary Center,  interviewed hundreds of authors on the radio and leads independent writing workshops.  She earned her MFA in Poetry from Bennington College, Vermont.   Her poems and interviews have been published in the 2011 St. Paul Almanac, Salamander, 5 AM, Rain Taxi, Borealis magazine, Twin Cities Green Guide, View from the Loft, Spout, and others.

Listen to one of her poems here.

You can find her on FB and read more info at her website http://www.julesnyquist.com or check out her blog at  http://autobiographyofturquoise.blogspot.com/ Also feel free to contact the guild for more information.

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