Greta Pullen

From the poem, “Self-Portrait, 1943”:

“…There’s an umbrella in the leaves
Behind Maria Izquierdo
A dog like a fox
Lifting its throat beside her
On the stone bench
Maria’s painted it in
Fixing her own brown eyes
Beyond the frame
Her hands forced
To pose wanting to add…”


Greta Pullen grew up in southern California, lived in Mexico as a child, and spent most of her life in the San Francisco Bay Area before moving to New Mexico. Her book is Lost and Found Cafe, Neuma Books, 2005. She has contributed to The Harwood Anthology, Looking Back to Place, SLAB Literary magazine, Metamorfosis, STIR and Pirene’s Fountain. She is at work on a novel and has completed a second poetry manuscript. She works at the National Hispanic Cultural Center.

You can find her on Facebook or request more information on Greta from the guild.

* Photograph by Margaret Randall.

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