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(P)EAR is back with Diane Thiel and Tony Mares

Next week, at 3 pmĀ on Sunday April 15th at the Projects, 3614 High Street NE, our spring program coordinator Tanaya Winder hosts another installment of (P)EAR: Poetics & Poems. This time current UNM… Continue reading

April LPG event at 516 ARTS

* Saturday, April 28, 4pm 516 WORDS: Judge for Yourself presented in partnership with the Local Poets Guild 516 ARTS presents a poetry reading in celebration of National Poetry Month in conjunction with… Continue reading

“The Unwieldy Mind, Loose Linguistic Tethers, and the Possibility of Preventing Suicide”

That’s the title, tentatively, of the talk I’m going to give at 3:00 pm on Sunday at Acequia Booksellers 4019-4th ST. NW. I’m looking forward it, and I actually hope to focus a… Continue reading

Sari Krosinsky June 9th: How Fragments Create Echoes

Sari Krosinky says, “My poems most often start as fragments–as images or ideas or words come to me, I write them in a poetry journal I carry around. The fragments come both from… Continue reading

Verso Scoop

Check out who’s gonna be performing poems and discussing craft at Verso Quatro next Wednesday May 25th at 7:00 pm at the Projects (3614 High Street NE). Spirit Birds They Told Me, Mary… Continue reading

VERSO QUATRO: Zihuatanejo, Oishi, Lopez, Walker

You’ll want to catch this rare convergence. Joaquin Zihuatanejo, Mary Oishi, Jessica Helen Lopez, and Seth Walker will all share the same stage next Wednesday May 25th at 7:00 at the Projects, the… Continue reading

Good Pearing: Goodell & Jackson

Here is a quick short and inadequate recap of some of the highlights of P(EAR). There were two speakers, Larry Goodell and Gary Jackson, and about 16 people in attendance at Acequia Booksellers.… Continue reading

P(EAR) Tomorrow: Plucky

Sunday we have our second incarnation of P(EAR): Poetics and Poems with Gary Jackson and Larry Goodell. It’s at 3:00 pm at Acequia Booksellers 4019 4th st. NW. What excites me about this… Continue reading