Fabric of Community

Fabric of Community is a series of personal essays and blog posts designed to help flush out various aspects of being a working writer. From craft and developing skill sets, honing aesthetic, exploring range of subjects, all the way to the nitty gritty details of real life with art. This page will keep a record of posts to this category and offer query guidelines. Readers interested in the series can also subscribe to the whole blog, and later I hope to be able to offer the option of a category feed.

SUBMISSIONS: This is a category I do solicit for, but I also welcome subissions from local New Mexico writers, as well as writers living anywhere in the U.S. or world. Focus is on getting down and dirty and living with poetry as part of your daily life, various intersections of life and craft. Real. Lived. Fallible. Learning. Growing. Welcoming. In general, I’d just say try me. If not under this category, I may publish your submission in another.

Articles Posted to Fabric of Community