How to ROOST by Tuba Player Mark Weaver


at The Roost 08-07-11 photo by David McChesney

“My interest in producing The Roost stems from my feeling that if something has been important in one’s life, it is important to try to give back….”

Mark Weaver


creative music series

Sunday evenings August 4 thru September 22


210 Yale blvd. SE, Albuquerque NM
$5 minimum | all shows 7:30pm

Curator of the Roost, Mark Weaver, shares insights into creativity & community:

Creativity in music can take many forms and can mean many different things.  The Roost was founded to provide exposure and a workshop setting for new and non-commercially-oriented musical projects, and to support those projects by bringing them together with audiences that are open to art outside the mainstream.

My interest in producing The Roost stems from my feeling that if something has been important in one’s life, it is important to try to give back, to try to feed and sustain that thing in the community, to keep it alive for others to experience and to get inspired by.  Rather than complain about lack of community support for creative music endeavors, it seems much more productive for me to try to generate opportunities and strengthen grassroots artistic activities. 

 My feeling is that creative people are responsible for the continued rejuvenation of arts and culture in a community.  It is arts and culture from which the spirit and life of the community springs.  And it is in the margins, in the crevices and the fringes, that the first glimmers of new artistic forms of expression take root and germinate. This is an exciting area to work in, to mess around in, these margins.  The Roost intends to make a place which celebrates and stimulates activity in these ‘marginal’ areas, the realm of creativity. 

Almost by design, it is difficult to define what the music at The Roost might sound like, it is impossible to establish a genre or pigeon-hole for the music.  This makes it difficult to promote the series through normal publicity channels, in these times of bite-sized news and information (although this is not to say that the music would not fit established genres in some cases). 

Some of this year’s proposals were of interest based on:

the individual artists involved,…

or, the instrumentation to be utilized, … 

or the concept or vision which was described,…

or, because of the carefully worked-out nature of the idea, …

or, the open-endedness of the idea.

Ultimately, selections for The Roost have fashioned an eight week series that has … cohesion? variety? There is no preconceived agenda except that creativity is the object, curated with an eye to originality, freshness of approach, and artistic vision.–Mark Weaver


August 4th Catahoula Curse

August 11th Robert Muller with The Rumble Trio

August 18th BaBa-Live soundtrack to Buster Keaton’s “The Goat”

August 25th Consort Un-Caged “Altered Time”

September 1 Matt Norman, Thollem McDonas

September 8th Brian Allen Solo Multi Media

September 15th Brian Haas with Dave Wayne “Frames”

September 22nd Local Poets Guild with Black Iron Trio


Brian HaasCatahoula CurseBrian Allen
Thollem McDonas
Robt Muller 002Consort Un-caged

A bit more about Weaver’s performance with Steven Robert Allen in BaBa for Buster Keaton’s “The Goat” on August 18, 2013

8.18About BaBa: Upon hearing each other play in different bands at an arts fair in Albuquerque in 2011, banjo player/vocalist Steven Robert Allen and tuba player Mark Weaver cooked up the idea for their unusual duo. BaBa weaves together early jazz and early country fiddle tunes with Steve’s wry originals to create an ear-pleasing, genre-smooshing musical concoction. Mark has long had a passion for combining music with film and theater, having composed and performed numerous live music scores, and Buster Keaton has figured as one of Steve’s personal heroes for years. For this performance the duo has composed a special soundtrack to one of Buster’s greatest films, the hilarious “The Goat” from 1921.

(Thanks Mark for all your work and all your music over the years… Looking forward to another great season of the roost and thanks for letting Local Poets Guild back again… –lg)