Phyllis Hoge

From the poem, “Eurydice”:

“…This way will come Orpheus.
Death will admit him through the soft veins of Hell
For the horned lyre, light lifted among shades.
Within themselves the dead will hear his music, and
A tree will rise in Hell.

Then, like no other, singing,
Though he eat with the dead, he will go back
And I will go with him to the portal of death’s winding ear,
Where I will listen as his song reaches
Into the tender air forever living…his lyre as stars risen…”


Recipient:1996 Hawaii Award for Literature, Initiator of the poetry degree programs at Univ. Hawaii where I taught before retiring to Albuqerque in order to write. Also taught two years at UNM. My seven poetry books are Artichoke (Univ. Hawaii Press), The Creation Frame (Univ. Illinois Press), What the Land Gave (QRL Publication Award), Ghosts of Who We Were (Univ.Illinois), Serpent of the White Rose,Petronium), Letters from JianHui (Wildflower), A Field of Poetry [Japanese translation] (Yokokawa). The Painted Clock is my single prose book. I’ve been told I created the first Poets in the Schools Program in America, Haku Mele, 1966.

You can find her here, on Facebook, or request more information on Phyllis from the guild.

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