Maria L. Leyba

From the poem, “Flashing Signs”:

“…They lived life in a giant fishbowl
under Burque’s scrutiny clicking
tongues they never heard
just nimbly flashed signs of
undying love of stories flying out
of fingertips painted blood red…”


I have been writing for over half my life. My poems & short stories have been included in SouthWestern Women New Voices, Just Outside the Frame, & EarthShips. I have self-published several chapbooks of my works. I was the editor of a chapbook called, Angel Dreams. A chapbook of poems of young people aged 6 – 18 from New Mexico. One of my short stories, Mama’s Rolling Pin was used in a play, Mas/Caras by Cecelia Aragon. I’ve taken part in the Magnifico Traveling Poetry Gallery for several years. I have hosted and have been the featured poet in many venues throughout the state.

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