Susan Gardner

Paper and Ink

Ink: blackest love
Paper: whitest host
Trees: living breathing green
              home for birds’ songs
                                    worms’ love
Cut blasted burned charred
Ready to accept the embrace of our words.
Paper: whitest host
Ink: blackest love

Susan Gardner is an internationally known painter, photographer, and poet. Born in New York City, she has traveled widely and lived for many years in East Asia and Latin America. She has produced and exhibited her art in Japan, Korea, France, Mexico, Canada, and various parts of the U.S. Her memoir, Drawing the Line ~ A Passionate Life, follows three previous works: Box of Light ~ Caja de Luz Poems in English and Spanish, Red Mountain Press, Stone Music, Red Mountain Press and a chapbook, Intimate Landscapes, St John’s College.

Her multi-cultural background is evident in both the physical and aesthetic qualities of her work. Originally from New York City, Gardner spent much of her early adulthood in Korea and Japan, where she learned and perfected her skills in Chinese landscape painting and Japanese calligraphy, achieving critical acclaim in both. Her visual and literary art still reflect the forceful spontaneity and directness she developed early in her career. Through the Library of Congress, she has done scholarly research and lectured on ancient books and papermaking. She delivered the Cam Memorial Lecture at the New York Public Library, has lectured extensively and appeared on numerous radio and television interviews.She has been a house builder, teacher, and landscape designer. She now makes her home and her art in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
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