Don McIver

From the poem, “Daily Special”:

“…Have you heard the blown rain on top of rain fly,
the lazy sighing of Aspen and Pine in the late May breeze,
the still, methodical rushing of river water running down?
Have you seen the threesome of chipmunks scurry over brush,
loose volcanic tuft,
and raven scat?
Have you seen the full moon streak the cloudy sky
and watch the grey undefined cirrus clouds move in
and paint the sky a shade of slate?
Have you heard birds or seen words swooping overhead?…”


Don McIver is a 4 time member of the ABQ slam team, an award winning host/producer of KUNM’s Spoken Word Hour, the author of The Noisy Pen, and editor of A Bigger Poet: The Unlikely Success of the Albuquerque Poetry Slam Scene. He’s performed all over the United States, produced poetry events big and small including being the Media Director for the Bravos Awards winning 2005 National Poetry Slam (the largest poetry slam in history), been published in numerous magazines and anthologies including the Harwood Anthology, Shine On You Crazy Diamond: Poems by Teens and their Mentors, Earthships: A New Mecca Poetry Anthology, and Poems from the Big Muddy: NPS 2004.

Listen to one of his poems here.

You can find him on Facebook or request more information on Don from the guild.

[Above photo by Mindy Grossberg.]

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