Kenneth Gurney

From the poem, “Clover Leaf”:

“…With a finger pressed
in chiseled white letters,
Delphi rubs silence
from the stones lining Arlington,
washes once bellicose soldiers
with a old prayer recited,
hears the long roll of drums.
Her bare feet press the echo
of church bells into the ground
beyond the bent green grass
grown about the singular flower
of the old second corp…”


Gurney grew up in Chicago-land, but lived his adult life next to national parks, changing states of residence every 2 to 4 years for variety. His poems show up mostly on websites like: Centrifugal Eye, Word Riot, Zygote in My Coffee and Mad Swirl. He edited and produced a print journal, Hodge Podge Poetry (1995-1998), and two web’zines, Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry (1998-2006) and Origami Condom (2007-2008). His website is at

* photographs by Dianne Schlies.

Listen to one of his poems here.

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