Tracey Dahl

From the poem, “Letter From Billie Holiday to Beyonce”:

“…I am the night moth
addicted to a moon named Poison.
Like men that mimic heroin
and leave me grinning toothless.
I sang the sorrow of lynching trees,
while you sing about ringless women….”


Tracey Dahl is a spoken word poet in Albuquerque. She is concerned with social issues as well as personal struggles in her writing. She took 2nd place in the 2009 ABQ Women of the World poetry slam. She is the 2009 Haiku Deathmatch Champion in Albuquerque. She has held workshops focusing on the youth of her community. She is the Co-Coach for the 2010 ABQ Youth Unidos team. She has been published in The Rag and is forthcoming in Pemmican.

You can find her on Facebook or request more information on Tracey from the guild.

[Above photo by Rich Boucher.]

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