Robert Arthur Reeves

“..You have to sink down below the traffic
into cool shade of kindly cement,
let the webs climb at daredevil angles
stretching what meaning they choose
and forget the whips of the clock.
Waves and banks of ice
also shelter solace. Watch
all the greed unspooling, devotional,
pauseless. Your breaths find mercy
in the agility of razors…”


Robert Arthur Reeves began his acquaintance with reading and writing poetry in 1966, a year before he moved to Albuquerque for the first time; he’s been a (mostly) active part of the local poetry community since 1993, when he wasn’t teaching Philosophy, Religion and Humanities at UNM and CNM to pay his rent. His poetry has been published in such places as Arsenic Lobster, The Blind Man’s Rainbow, Skidrow Penthouse, and Fulcrum, and several collections of his work are available from He lives with his wife, the poet Sari Krosinsky, and a fluctuating number of cats.

Listen to one of his poems here.

You can find him on Facebook, or on his own website,, or request more information on Robert from the guild.

* Photo by Kenneth P. Gurney.

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