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Click This Title Link To Download: ***Aunt Lisa Found a Toad***

Here is a pdf of 7-page story for kids which you can print out from your computer or read online. It has a few photos and is about finding a Great Plains Narrowmouthed Toad in the high New Mexico desert near Moriarty. It has a few big words. Thanks for reading, –Lisa Gill 07/23/2013

BendThe Ojito Escapades

–by Lisa Gill with stories

also from Mark, Theo & Tallulah

Click This To Download:*** The Ojito Escapades By Lisa Gill with Mark Theo and Lu***

This is a 30 page pdf with photos which retells an adventurous day in the Ojito Wilderness Preserve from the perspective of four voices. From road trip to exploring cliffs all the way to stuck in the mud and rescue. The Ojito Escapades was first published in 2004 as a saddle-stapled chapbook for family and friends. Now in 2013,  Mark gave me permission to re-release the book for the Aunt Lisa series. (We’re skipping my co-writers last names for now as Lu and Theo are about to enter high school and college and may not want to be google-able just yet.) Enjoy!  –Lisa Gill 7/25/2013

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