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Last Night’s Roost, More Music Tonight!

Last night was another fabulous roost. Poets Katrina Guarascio, Jessica Helen Lopez and Zachary Kluckman kicked off each set with a-poem-a-piece backed up with perfect accompaniment by Glenn Buddha Benavidez. Stellar and nice… Continue reading

This is NOT Zeno’s Roost

“ That which is in locomotion must arrive at the half-way stage before it arrives at the goal. ” —Aristotle, Physics VI:9, 239b10 Some of you may be familiar with Zeno’s Paradox, which… Continue reading

Anouncing 8x8x8: Roost with a Spoken Word Bang

Local Poets Guild is proud to be collaborating with tuba-player Mark Weaver on his music series The Roost during the months of August and September. The intent of this series is to provide… Continue reading

Winner #2: When Music Mattered

Congratulations to Anthony for winning a pair of tickets to Urban Verbs with Hakim Bellamy, Carlos Contreras, and Diles. In response to the question When Did Music Matter to You? Anthony said this:… Continue reading

Lift your hands, lift your pens! Get Tix.

Local Poets Guild has tix to give away for Urban Verbs on Friday June 17th. Carlos Contreras says, “[For the tix giveaway,] How about [calling for submissions] something along the lines of a… Continue reading

Urban Verbs is Coming — (and tix giveaway starting tonight)

Last weekend, I had a chance to see the sneak preview of Urban Verbs, which was as fresh as it was the first time I saw the production at 516 ARTS. Hakim Bellamy,… Continue reading