Winner #2: When Music Mattered

Congratulations to Anthony for winning a pair of tickets to Urban Verbs with Hakim Bellamy, Carlos Contreras, and Diles. In response to the question When Did Music Matter to You? Anthony said this:

when did it not?
from the rhymic love push that got me out
my heart drum has beaten a beautiful song,
on point
each and every moment of my life
I would luv some tickets to the show!

In health and beauty,
Anthony “DJ Won LUV” Fleg
Native Health Initiative Coordinator and Groupie –

Thanks Anthony. Enjoy the show. And we wish the Native Health Initiative thriving success.

And a reminder to everyone: WE HAVE 3 PAIRS OF TICKETS TO URBAN VERBS LEFT. JUST WRITE US at and tell us about a time music mattered to you. You can see what Carlos said here, and what our first winner said also. The show is June 17th at the Filling Station.