Urban Verbs is Coming — (and tix giveaway starting tonight)

Last weekend, I had a chance to see the sneak preview of Urban Verbs, which was as fresh as it was the first time I saw the production at 516 ARTS. Hakim Bellamy, Carlos Contreras, and Diles flat out wow and are not mistaken (in my mind) when equating god and art, music and love, life and poetry. Integrating hip-hop, documentary film, poetry, and performance, the show is thought-provoking and engaging–a very solid effort with community creativity at its heart. Urban Verbs is a collaborative effort with vision. I commend it heartily.

Local Poets Guild has garnered some tickets that we’re going to be giving away on the website—watch for my next post or come out tonight to Triptych where I’ll announce it. (We’ll ask you to do a little writing.) Later I’ll also tell you more about why I think this show is important.

Meanwhile, here’s the OFFICIAL SCOOP:

Urban Verbs is a video, audio, visceral performance piece that is dialogued entirely in poetic verse. Comprised of Hakim Bellamy, Carlos Contreras, and Diles, the three are a collaborative of individual artists across many disciplines including literature, music, audio/sound engineering, film, visual art and theater. Urban Verbs is an alternative interpretation to the brainless, heartless, materialist, violent, sexist, homophobic, self-involved popular perception of Hip-Hop.  They aim to create a progressive narrative around Hip Hop culture and facilitate the practice of EVERYONE telling their story through Hip Hop as a form of love, a form of intelligence and a way of better living. To increase the respect and acceptance of Hip Hop as a legitimate and visionary art form and worthy of academic inquiry, to be an example of how one can feed their family and live their dream through Hip -Hop that builds rather than Hip-Hop that destroys – To fashion Hip Hop into the tools that bring people together, stops wars, makes babies and raises them!
All Shows at The Filling Station in the Barelas Neighborhood of Albuquerque (1024 4th St. SW)
June 17th 7pm Show Urban Verbs + Live Art Creation/Auction & DJ
June 18th 8pm Show Urban Verbs + Live Keg & Musical Guests BrokenBreadWinner
June 19th 1pm Show Urban Verbs (Curbside Classroom* Version feat. Q & A)    
For Fri. Tix
For Sat. Tix         
Thanks also to Antonio Rael who photographed the preview show at the Projects. You can find his photography page on FB. I just used one image here—but more coming as I let you know how to get tix and give my two cents on the project. Don’t forget to come to Triptych 7:00 pm at the Projects is where I’ll launch the getaway.