Mary Oishi

From the poem, “Tokyo unTold”:

“… you never said they used napalm
there’s a lot you never told me, mom
what you did say stays with me
fresher than september eleventh
though i thought of it again that morning
when i saw the people running terrified
their faces full of ash
what would they do if it was all of manhattan
i thought, if the planes kept coming
then they’d know what my mother knew…”


Mary Oishi frequently performs poetry and produces poetry events in New Mexico. She performed at the 60th Anniversary of Hiroshima Commemoration in Los Alamos and at Stir: A Festival of Words at UNM. To mark the 60th Anniversary of the Trinity Test, she produced “Mightier Than the Sword: Writers Address the Nuclear Age” in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. She produces ongoing poetry series Some of My Best Friends Are Poets (anti-racism) and Q Words (for queer poets). She has poems in the Harwood Anthology and Looking Back to Place (both anthologies by Old School Books, ABQ) and most recently in Malpais Review poetry magazine. Web publications include Duke City Fix and (in Spanish translation).

You can find her on Facebook, or at, or at, or request more information on Mary from the guild.

[Above photo by Mary Mann Photography.]

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