Lauren Schwartz

I come from where

wraithlike ropes

restrained these hands.

These hands

I cook and knit and unpack with

in reverent silence.

Lauren writes:

I started writing as a small child.  Long before I could draw the alphabet, I remember making books.  I believe I have always been a writer.  I was gifted with the encouragement of my parents and teachers to become a writer.  I wrote and wrote.  I also had a deep desire to be a mother. At one point in my life, perhaps between my senior year in college and my first year as an MFA at Columbia, while my mother was dying of Cancer, I wondered if I could be a writer and a mother simultaneously.  Everything came to a halt, and I chose a different path. I  had a career in publishing, with photography as a sidekick, became a mother, survived Cancer, poverty, and a divorce.  I find myself now fulfilling a promise to live in New Mexico and be a poet.

You can find her on FB or request more info from Local Poets Guild.

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