P(EAR) Tomorrow: Plucky

Sunday we have our second incarnation of P(EAR): Poetics and Poems with Gary Jackson and Larry Goodell. It’s at 3:00 pm at Acequia Booksellers 4019 4th st. NW.

What excites me about this series is getting to glimpse into the mind of the poet, to hear the inner workings behind the poems, to understand the motivations and the thought and care that goes into each individual’s craft.

For me, inviting people to lecture is a way of being intellectually nosy. I’m so curious to hear what makes people tick, how they move through the terrain of language and create art.

One of the other nice things, that you may not be aware of, is that people who attend P(EAR) lectures are invited to write creative responses, either poems or essays. Later we’ll get to showcase the fruits of the series. Keep that in mind.

So come out, get inspired, take some notes, go home and write. That’s my plan at least. Hope to see you tomorrow.