L.A./L.A. Land: Weave your way to the Roost

After you attend the world class Friday/Saturday world music festival globalquerque at NHCC and have caught Hand-to-Tongue during the free Global Fiesta, you’ll want to wild your brain into yet another fully flush synapse-firing groove with an L.A. quartet and L.A Poet. Yes, Sunday night at 7:30 pm for a mere minimum donation of $5, you can seat yourself in a cozy sofa at The Projects (3614 High St. NE) and kick back for an evening of SLUMGUM that opens with poet Brendan Constantine. And you may also get to hear from his Write Bloody Touring Partner….

This is a big one. Not only is it the second-to-last, but Brendan’s back in ABQ to do more word-slinging…. AND each of the members of SLUMGUM has individually composed a piece of music that involves poetry or text in some way. A superb show that truly will capture the spirit of the collaboration between tuba-player/Roost-curator Mark Weaver and Local Poets Guild.

And don’t forget. There are only two more weeks left in the Roost. The last Sunday in September, I’m up as “replacement poet” to perform with DJ Duo with Joseph Sabella and J.A.Deane (whom I have an album with along with CK Barlow—there’s one track actually up in our audio archive here). Really looking forward to these last two weeks of the Roost–won’t miss them for anything and hoping you’ll come out and help celebrate and enjoy… It’s time.