Last Roost/Last Chance to Hear Me This Year: Poet On Steroids

What does a poet sound like on steroids? They get such hype in the media. Or steroids do, usually with athletes but not usually in conjunction with literary arts. But why not? Poets require our own discipline, our own rigor, brain muscle and mind over all fear. I’m also a pretty firm believer in Writing the Body. Think Helene Cixous, the french feminist and  author of  “laugh of the medusa”.

If you’re curious about how a poet acts/behaves/performs doped up, I’d suggest coming out this Sunday 7:30 pm to the very last Roost Creative Soundspace where I’ll be opening for Dino and Joseph Sabella as DJ Duo. These are two of my long term collaborators and we have a recent album out with CK Barlow called Flesh Isn’t Real Dirt, which you can hear one of my favorite tracks from on the LPG audio archive which is curated by Rich Boucher.

On Sunday at 7:30 at the Projects (3614 High Street NE) $5 for the whole Roost——-I’m not going to be reading about steroids, or anything about my disability, but rather a poem I’m very fond of but don’t think I have ever read in public, a longer poem called “Incommunicado” which is about language with mopeds and subcutaneous injections and figs and such. Very fun for me and I think I can pull it off despite being under the weather. It’ll also be pretty much the last time I perform this year as health issues have gotten tough and I have some more health related stuff to deal with for a while.

I’m currently 2/3 the way through a course equivilant to IV steroids but orally (since MRI contrast dye caused blood clots in veins)… I’ll finish Saturday. This is just among all the things a person has to do for Multiple Sclerosis. (If you want to know more about my disabilities, I’d suggest getting your hands on the new Beauty is a Verb: The New Poetry of Disability. It’s a 300+ page anthology with some top notch work and I’m honored to be included and have an essay plus 5 poems in the book put out by one of my favorite presses, Cinco Puntos with the fabulous designer JB Bryan. This amazing anthology has already been named one of the top ten poetry books for 2011 by Publishers Weekly and given a starred review. Plus Ron Siliman in a review just called it one of the defining anthologies of the century. SO PROUD AND HONORED TO BE INCLUDED).

In the spring, I’ll be working on bringing some BIAV contributors in to town for some shows, including some interdisciplinary work, but meanwhile you can hear one of the editors Sheila Black at Alamosa Books as this invite on DCF by Richard Vargas shows. I was supposed to join her but won’t be able to as I’ll still be receiving  steroid treatment outside of the Albuquerque that day.

Sunday though, I’ll be done with round one, and out in public for a few hours at the Roost. I have loved the Roost and am so grateful to the curator/genius/magnificent tuba y didgeridoo player Mark Weaver. With one exception, where I was super fatigued and ill and that day manifesting new symptoms, listening to this intellectually engaging music has actually provided my weekly pain-reducer and mind-fodder and I consider it one of the most successful collaborations this year by Local Poets Guild. We’re even going to be working on bringing out a CD with all the poet contributors to the 8-week series, including Brian Hendrickson, Tracey Pontani, Zach Kluckman, Katrina Guarascio, Jessica Helen Lopez, Bob Reeves, Sari Krosinsky, Erin Daughtry, Mark Weber, Brendan Constantine, and myself.

I’m hoping that we’ll be involved again next year as it’s been fabulous. SLUMGUM of LA even built a whole set around spoken word for last week’s show and it was mindblowing.

And don’t fret over my public absence or health. I’ll be fine. IT’s a transitional time for my disease and I have to make some adjustments but I’ll still be working on LPG from behind the scenes and cranking out some new writing, which is much needed. Plus it’s grant season and 1023 forms and all kinds of home-work goodies.


With respect,

Lisa Gill


The Last Roost

Featuring DJ Duo with Poet on Steroids Lisa Gill

7:30 PM at the Projects 3614 High Street NE (through the open garage doors, east of edith and just north of cancelaria)

$5 minimum donation