Does Poetry Matter–Andrea Serrano

Poetry in Burque has become an exclusive club, both within the slam community and other types of poetry circles. A club in which there are gatekeepers, favorites and “up and coming” poets who… Continue reading

Does Poetry Matter–Lisa Gill

I believe that reading or writing or listening to line-broken verse can control pain (emotional or physical), heighten your sensory perceptions of the world, cultivate a respect for self and others, prevent crime… Continue reading

Does Poetry Matter–Carlos Contreras

Poetry in Burque is important in a number of different ways. I came into the Slam Poetry scene at 17, in 2001, it was largely adult dominated. In fact, at that time, I… Continue reading

Here’s to ABQ Resilience!!!!

It’s true: LA fell into the ocean. Or, rather, the two touring poets who were supposed to visit got swallowed by the deep sea of the recession. BUT we’re going forward with our… Continue reading

Catching Up & Launch

I’ve been slammed but am back to work fielding emails and sending out applications and updating pages with the help of Rich Boucher. Also watch for an email invite to Verso Quatro: The… Continue reading

Machinery is Back!

My computers have been busted and I haven’t had wifi since I moved so I’m just now getting back to work on the website. Expect things to get rolling again, and soon we’ll… Continue reading

Updates to the Calendar

Ok folks…we’ve just added two great events on the 23 and 25 to the Calendar (down and to the right on this page)…and we have many more coming soon. So please send us… Continue reading

Updates and Calendars

We’ve just finsihed some updates on venues and on-going poetry series, so be sure to check those out! Also – you’ll notice an exciting change in our calendar! We’ve updated it so that… Continue reading

Verse~Converse Poetry Festival News

We’ve just updated the Verse~Converse Poetry Festival page and this year the festival is bigger than ever! Please take a look at the amazing program we have lined up for you, then visit… Continue reading

Splinters: The Postcard Project

Announcing “Splinters: The Postcard Project” Splinters is a new independant poetry prject blending postcards, photography and poetry. We are looking for short poems, no longer than 20 lines, from poets throughout New Mexico.… Continue reading