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Urban Verbs is Coming — (and tix giveaway starting tonight)

Last weekend, I had a chance to see the sneak preview of Urban Verbs, which was as fresh as it was the first time I saw the production at 516 ARTS. Hakim Bellamy,… Continue reading

Two New Pages Added and Nice Choices

You can now check out Taryn Marie‘s page. (She is aka TeaSea Inc.) [Photo by Gina Marselle] And under ABQ series you can now find proper information for Smokin Slam and a link… Continue reading

Sari Krosinsky June 9th: How Fragments Create Echoes

Sari Krosinky says, “My poems most often start as fragments–as images or ideas or words come to me, I write them in a poetry journal I carry around. The fragments come both from… Continue reading

East of Edith: Ghazals and Such

Tonight at East of Edith, mixed into the open mic, I’m going to share contemporary poems from Pakistan, partially as I’ll be fresh from a talk at Creative Albuquerque. Neal Copperman of AMP… Continue reading

Jazz in the Universe June 9th

Next Thursday June 9th at 7:00pm at the Projects (3614 High Street NE), you can experience a trio of female poetry powerhouses. Along side Sarah McKinstry Brown, who I have already blogged at… Continue reading

Verso Scoop

Check out who’s gonna be performing poems and discussing craft at Verso Quatro next Wednesday May 25th at 7:00 pm at the Projects (3614 High Street NE). Spirit Birds They Told Me, Mary… Continue reading

VERSO QUATRO: Zihuatanejo, Oishi, Lopez, Walker

You’ll want to catch this rare convergence. Joaquin Zihuatanejo, Mary Oishi, Jessica Helen Lopez, and Seth Walker will all share the same stage next Wednesday May 25th at 7:00 at the Projects, the… Continue reading

Good Pearing: Goodell & Jackson

Here is a quick short and inadequate recap of some of the highlights of P(EAR). There were two speakers, Larry Goodell and Gary Jackson, and about 16 people in attendance at Acequia Booksellers.… Continue reading

P(EAR) Tomorrow: Plucky

Sunday we have our second incarnation of P(EAR): Poetics and Poems with Gary Jackson and Larry Goodell. It’s at 3:00 pm at Acequia Booksellers 4019 4th st. NW. What excites me about this… Continue reading

East of Edith Injected with Mirabai

Last night, actually only five hours ago, we had another moving open mic with about eight readers–including Priscilla Candelaria, Aaron Greenwood, Teresa Gallion, Bob Warren, D. Coy, Rich Boucher, Bill Nevins and myself.… Continue reading