FYI, ABQ! –new way to share news via LPG blog

I’ve created a new online forum specifically to announce literary news that is relevant to the ABQ poetry area. Later, in time, when I figure out the tech issues, we’ll find ways to expand for other areas of new mexico, and national news/calls for submissions/announcements. What I’ve created for now is ONLY a prototype and will evolve. You can find it by clicking the page tab for FYI, ABQ! right above this post in the overhead navigation bar of the LPG website, then follow the link to the FYI ABQ site at

 Here’s a bit about what I am trying to do with this option and why.

Right now, I’m trying to shift our main website and blog away from events announcements and to allow more fuller types of discussions and responses and thoughts to happen in ways that are archived and more public than just accessible during a time-locked event which may or may not even be filmed. As a disabled writer, who often cannot get out much right now, I’m coming to thoroughly value the potential of technology to keep lines of communication open and accessible and present despite other constraints. I also value archiving, and thought, and sharing essays, community discussion….AND OMG do I still and ever value events. I want both, any, ALL tools and avenues we can access. I love ALL of our tools and options and techniques for communication and exchange… 

So, yes,  I want to hear what’s up for our community and I want to be able to share it and ideally I want to be able to help people find the info when they want to access it. For a long time, A VERY LONG TIME,  I’ve been mulling if there can be an easy and possible and low-maintenance way for ABQ to share the good wealth of poetry news that is vital to our city. (This is an old challenge for all of us: I even tried to help Mitch on the Tongue when he published that print events calendar in the 1990’s cause he was handling a daunting task with great dexterity that I knew took tons of energy).  Over the years tons of people have taken on trying to share the good words, via list serves and mailings: from Mitch’s work, and Lisa Hase-Jackson who helped a ton recently, to our current longstanding mainstays and true heroes Billy Brown and Elaine Schwartz, who are ongoing year-after-year godsends to our information access. I GIVE ELAINE AND BILLY HUGE KUDOS…. And there are others, many many many more…

But undeniably the growth of poetry and literary opportunities in our city springs new mountains weekly, beautiful mountains of enthusiasm and good works, and it’s  a lot, a ton, a daunting jeweled thing,  hard to keep up with if you’re one person or two people or five checking calendars and FB and various listings and email invites.

What I hope to be able to provide (eventually after tech hurdles) is a clear and legible online way to keep news flowing freely. I want options for people to be able to share info and get it out fast and into a forum where it’s open and accessible online. This FYI, ABQ! feature is my latest attempt to begin to address that need, and I know with absolute certainty it will be revised as I decipher tech needs and options.  

My hope is that our strong and vibrant community eventually (and even beginning today) gets to use this particular forum as a very focused Albuquerque-Only support. Later as my tech knowledge grows, I hope offer ways we can to announce larger calls for submissions nationally , tackle other issues, and also showcase wider NM literary news pertinent to other areas of our poetry-rich state.  For now, trying to provide a forum for ABQ announcements has my hands full in the spare minutes I have to offer (I’m pretty limited right now) and so far I’ve only had a chance to post a few announcements, but hopefully we’ll be adding tons more soon… And meanwhile, the news I could share already was good…. on poet Aaron Trumm’s lung transplant, a call for submissions, the NM Mercury, and one another announcement one of LPG’s readers wanted to share…Check it out. FYI, ABQ is UP. We can use it… 

Amazing what a sleepless morning, even when a bit medicine-addled, can achieve… I use the windows of function that I get! Though I gotta go rest now. Health challenges keep me busy but I learn how to navigate best I can. Please know, if you submit news to post as instructed, I’ll respond as soon as I can (may not be light-speed) but will happen….