Silence Ire (contemplating the possibility of resilience)

BendAbove is a photo I took hiking the Ojito. Below is a recent LPG project, part of what we hope will become a series of short videos exploring different aspects of survival and resilience. This particular film includes excerpts of audio interviews by Katie Schneier (including contributions from a number of poets and writers), plus video of marginalized landscapes (including the spillway by the Projects) by Beth Lou Hansen, and a poem responding to the intertwined elements of voice and image by Lisa Gill. The collaborative process was astoundingly fruitful and rewarding and smooth.  Listening/seeing was and remains key, as well as sharing common aims. I felt blessed to work with Katie and Beth, and to be privy to the raw interviews with so many who shared significant life stories and philosophies, including Amanda Rich, Senaida Garcia, Nate Maxson, Stewart Warren, and more. We hope you enjoy, mull, muddle, question, derive solace, or at least find something worth contemplating. For me, even the timing of the process was significant, challenging me to endure (and believe in endurance) at a difficult time.  And I found particular images flat-out mindblowing, and some of the vocal “catches” from interviews as profound. Thanks to creators and participants and to all who view our efforts and share in the larger ongoing story.


<p><a href=”″>Silence Ire</a> from <a href=”″>Kate Schneier</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

(Silence Ire was shown once at NHCC during Women & Creativity, also given an airing at UNM for Basement Film’s Annual AV show with live voice for the poetry plus bass by Mike Balistreri, and again shown at the Projects during a spring East of Edith focusing on films and looping/poetry.)