MATCH THIS: Sassy & Lovable PRIDE!

421300_1367720910.7994_multiDo you want to help OUTspoken bring a poet who is as “sassy as he is lovable”* to Albuquerque for PRIDEFEST in June?

YES! Of course!

Here at Local Poets Guild, we think it’d be absolutely delectable if Albuquerque could host Jomar Valentin this summer. Jomar is a three time member of the award winning Austin New Soul Slam Poetry Team, an active member of FLAGS (Federation of Lesbians, and Allies of Gay Sports) and the Winner of Season 4 of Austin’s Next Drag Superstar (Austin’s Live version of RuPaul’s Drag Race). He also has two black belts, likes gin and tequila, fried chicken and old book smell and he makes some bomb fried rice! Check out this video of Jomar Valentin performing.

With your support, Jomar’ll be tearing up some good words for Pride Fest very soon… And Local Poets Guild will help stretch the funding to make his visit possible by matching your donations dollar-for-dollar.

WHAT? HUH? HOW? You donate a dollar, or five, or twenty-five, or fifty–any amount–just show your support to welcome Jomar and LPG will match it.  And Erin Northern has made the process of donating GOFUNDME easy!!! You can just click – n- donate…

421300_1367720820.629A tremendous poet in her own right, Erin does great work for the GLBTQ community year-round with OUTspoken, and she has gone out of her way to set up a GO FUND ME site so you can donate quickly and easily to support Jomar. Every donation counts as a show of support for art and queer voices and you know Jomar’s gonna deserve a nice honorarium for the whirlwind performance he’s gonna bring our city….

There’s no nail-biting needed! Just click and say:

“Yes, I’ll get Jomar some bottled water” ($2)

“Yes, I’ll fund a breakfast burrito at the frontier” ($5)

“Yes, double my contribution…” ($10)

“Yes, slam lives!” ($15)

“Yes, I value all the opportunities OUTspoken provides!” ($25)

“Oh, yes!” ($50)

This is no-fret-easy. Albuquerque has a strong and supportive and diverse poetry community and we know how to make things happen.  All your donations go straight to OUTspoken and then LPG will match the grand total up to $400.

Let’s do poetry proud this summer!

The MATCH is ON!

–lisa gill

Local Poets Guild


* I read the sassy/lovable quote under one of Jomar’s youtube videos–it fits.

**Thanks to OUTspoken, to ABQ Slams, to Erin, and forthcoming applause and thanks to Jomar.  AND HUGE  THANKS to everyone who can make a donation no matter how small or large… it all counts. Local Poets Guild also wants to give a special thanks to McCune Charitable Foundation for supporting our efforts to see a wide array of poetry endeavors to fruition again this year.