Hear the Most Rich-est* Words Ever at East of Edith TODAY

I’m happy to say that tonight March 25th, the Projects reopens its garage doors   for ten more weeks of the East of Edith monday-night open-mic poetic glamour. Joining us as featured reader to kick off this season is poet Rich Boucher. Here’s a bit about one of ABQ’s favorite poets…

Rich Dark ShotIf you are at all familial with Mr. Boucher’s poetry, then you already know that never before in the history of Monday Night Literature has the collision of factual knowledge striking against a poet’s interior mind been rendered so grammatically!  Everything is intentionally [sic]. As the old tried-and-true saying goes: “Muddled geography is only as good as the muddler.”  And Mr. Boucher raises the watermark for all of us. Within each of his parables of historocity, there inevitably comes a coy moment when Mr. Boucher innocently releases into the audience an image or word so delicately mangled that we can’t help but form a collective goldfish bowl to catch it. As soon as the particular strange iridescence hits, there’s a “splush” and the whole beautiful fishtale of Mr. Boucher’s orchestration begins to fountain, poeming out in concentric circles of wonderment…   


The above was my meager attempt to do small written tribute to tonight’s feature at East of Edith open mic, poet Rich Boucher.  On a more serious note, we are VERY VERY VERY LUCKY to have Rich here with us. He  gave me permission to share with readers what’s been happening: last month he suffered a stroke. His recovery so far has been remarkable, really truly amazing. Not only is he regaining function, but he’s writing new poems by the ream! So please, I encourage you to come out to tonight’s reading as a show of support for his tremendous resilience and I can guarantee you’ll get an earful of good poems and  laugh til tears. And don’t forget–you can sign up on the open mic too if you want to share. 2-poem, four minute time limit.

AGAIN: East of Edith 7:00pm at 3614 High Street, east of edith and just north of candelaria through the open garage doors. BONUS: Mitch Rayes is taking his turn as one of LPG’s seasonal coordinators for a few readings and will host.

Thanks, and I hope to see you virtually soon!

lisa gill