Another 516 WORDS: Quiet Machine, Wild Mouth

One of Local Poets Guild’s long-term outreach programs is the 516 Words series at 516 ARTS, the museum style gallery on Central. We try to plan readings that springboard off the themes of each exhibition cycle to complement and/or contrast, expand and recontextualize dialogue of the visual art exhibitions in literary formats–and each reading offers a great opportunity for poets to perform within the gallery context and this kind of juxtaposition helps expand the creative dialogue between visual and verbal forms. Saturday November 10th at 3 pm in 516 Arts we’ll offer our latest installation of live words within the context of a stunning exhibition with Quiet Machine/Wild Mouth.

This particular reading is going to present a medley of video, projections, and poetry all loosely considering themes of technology and nature, humanity and our huff. Bryan Konefsky, internationally renowned media artist, will showcase a few short films; Mitch Rayes will read poems based on his years in Chiapas and talk about his experiences interacting with the Lacandon Indians as various technological advances were made; Mitch and I are also working together to perform the text we designed for John Davis’s Wind Sculpture which is currently installed on Civic Plaza but which you’ll witness in action via video; and there will be a silent open mic, aka public reading, which is styled after an event I witnessed at the Seattle Poetry Festival, and which features winning poetry submissions by Lauren Camp, Nate Maxson, Richard Oyama, and Miriam Sagan. Nate Maxson will also make a spoken cameo on top of having his work projected. The call for submissions was judged by Sari Krosinsky and we also timed this reading to allow for the first celebration of the release Sari Krosinsky’s first book, god-chaser which will close the event.

Hope you can join us for Miss Yummy Yummy; Lite Brite: Crash Cars/Steal Girl; Fertile Ground, Corporate Slug; Blowhard; Cameos; The Silent Open Mic (our experiment in public reading); and a first celebration of God-Chaser. We work hard to put together our outreach and crossover programming and hope you’ll come taste the fruits of our labor and one of our longest running collaborations.

Again, Quiet Machine/Wild Mouth takes place this Saturday November 10th at 3 pm on the first floor of 516 ARTS and includes works by Bryan Konefsky, Mitch Rayes, Nate Maxson, Richard Oyama, Lauren Camp, Miriam Sagan, as well as Sari Krosinsky. I’ll be hosting, and pop in for a minute of wind-driven text also.