Season’s Final EOE with Levi Romero on Sor Juana’s B-day

So we’re in for the very last East of Edith of the year, that time when the projects begins to get a wee bit chilly. Hope you can join us this coming Monday November 12th at 7 pm in the Projects, 3614 High Street NE (east of edith, north of candelaria, through the open garage doors).

Levi Romero is our main feature but we’ll also be joined by some musical elements from the Third Ear again (who performed last week), and perhaps another guest.  November 12th is also Sor Juana’s Birthday and so we’ll be sharing some of her work too…

About Levi:

Levi Romero is a Research Scholar and instructor in the Chicana/o Studies program at the University of New Mexico. He is the published author of two collections of poetry, “A Poetry of Remembrance: New and Rejected Works,” UNM Press, and “In the Gathering of Silence,”West End Press. Forthcoming is “Sagrado: A Photopoetics Across the Chicano Homeland,” from UNM Press. He was awarded the post of New Mexico Centennial Poet in 2012. (Photo by Robin Collier)
Who is Sor Juana?

Mexican scholar, poet, nun, born November 12th, 1651. She’s one of my long-time heroes and I’ve been wanting to celebrate her work for a long time. She even crops up in some of my poetry, last time driving a semi on one my favorite East Mountain roads, talking on the cb, pulling over on a bridge for a dirt-experiment. Seemed about right. So I’m hugely enamored of her Intellectual Autobiography, her rigorous hunger for knowledge and insight, her self-study, her poetry, the way she plays with spinning tops, and also for the way she takes issue with hair/adornment… The question, “why should a head be adorned with hair and naked of learning?” remains, in my mind, hugely relevant…  I’ll bust out a bit of her autobiography, and hopefully some of her sonnets also. (Painting by Miguel Cabrera.)

I’m also hoping another half-time local/half-time chicago poet will join us for a mini feature… ??!!!

A good night shapes up. Open mic is a two-poem or 4 minute max limit, and we may experiment with some more erasure/black-out poems also. Last week we did a 6-person erasure poem of Milton’s Fifth of November to music by the Third Ear. In erasure or “black out” poems, you cross out everything you do NOT want to read, revealing a new poem within the poem. So Milton wrote it in Latin when he was 17… and early birds at the open mic Nate M, Jennifer K, Sirena, Jesse, Denise, and myself had a good time scratching it out and creating a new text. We may do some more of this with new texts Monday.

Over the winter, we’ll be trying some more small group readings (the way we did the Book of Tea, round robin) and some other  experiments  (anyone wanna flarf?) in the secret living room of the Projects, but for now we’re counting down the shows with our last East of Edith this Monday and one outreach at 516 Saturday, which I’ll do a separate blog post for!

Hope you can join us.