Jennifer Frank at EOE Monday October 22

We’re counting down the last of the warm east of edith readings before hibernations and work periods of the winter. This week enjoy a rare treat: Jennifer Frank features at the East of Edith open mic Monday Oct 22nd at 7 pm.

Jennifer Frank has lived in Albuquerque for more than 16 years. Her poems have been published in journals and anthologies, including Kalliope, Phoebe, the Harwood Anthology, Looking Back to Place and Adobe Walls, and at several websites. She has been featured at numerous venues from Albuquerque’s Sunday Chatter to Beyond Baroque in Venice Beach, California. Her work in sustainability, as co-owner of Concept Green, informs and is inspired by many themes in her poetry. Her non-sedentary passions include running, climbing and doing just about anything with her husband and son.
Here’s one of her poems:

This is what we’ve come to: bee
rustlers in Europe and Japan.
Their cowboy hats are banded
with flowers in full bloom. Holsters
hold fragments of honeycomb.
White gloves hold the reins
as hundreds of hives are galloped
away. The silenced buzz of work
felts the fields. Blooms contemplate,
but fail to understand, pollination
as contraband. The movement
of tiny particles that triggers
every little thing.

Coming up: Margaret Randall Oct 29th. Blow-out November 5th to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day and Other Timely Considerations. Then November 12th features Levi Romero and celebrates Sor Juana’s birthday. Everything after that will depend on heat/funding… gonna see what we can do this year.

Catch you soon,