Fuzzy Slam! Fizzy Slam? Fuzzy Good Time This Saturday May 26


This is something I’ve wanted to do for over a decade!!!! Since when back when I used to slam! Back in the days of Drive-By-Poetry with Matthew John Conley and Jim Stewart… One thing that is true for me is that I NEVER GIVE UP. Sometimes I just take my time figuring out how to see things to fruition. And so now, a decade after I first thought of the concept, I’m so happy that Local Poets Guild can launch the fuzzy slamfor a great cause–getting the current ABQ slam team to nationals in Charlotte NC.

Zach did a fab job writing up the essentials (and finding a grand image) so I’m gonna quote him, then add a touch more:

We’re proud to announce the birth of one giant pair of fuzzy dice and a whole new innovation in slam and performance poetry from legendary local poetry icon Lisa Gill!

Instead of score cards, the audience will decide the winner of the slam with a giant pair of fuzzy dice! That’s just one of the surprises we have for you next weekend ~ there will be giant fuzzy dice, food, prizes, a live DJ, a special feature from the 2012 ABQ Slam Team, and plenty of opportunities for you to share your own original work too!

Proceeds benefit the ABQ City Slam Team who are going to Charlotte, NC to represent the city this August~ so come out for a night of surprises and lunacy and grab your copy of the 2012 City Slam Team Poetry CD while helping get them to nationals!

Concept is so simple. You read, what you want, any poem, 1 poem, and upon completion, you are handed giant fuzzy dice 18x18x18 and throw their soft fuzzy selves out into the audience to receive your score… Kris Mills, artist and collaborator extraordinaire, is making the dice and I am gonna drink coffee and giggle the whole process…

What is less simple is the elaborate prize system, whereby snake-eyes might get you a pass to the Rattlesnake Museum in Old Town, but an score adding up to an 8 (remember “crazy eights?”) may get you led off the stage by white coats. (If you remember me and Kris used to wear lab coats to teach syringe painting demos and know all about ward protocol, or I do.) But no worries, we’ll just lead you to the back of the room to watch the next poet from there…

Of course, top-added-rolls wins, etc etc.

Oh and we’ll also be giving away some cool books by Natalie E. Illum who was just here from Washington DC to participate in (L)INK: The WRite Disability.

OH NOTE THE TIME CHANGE. It’s hot. Heat makes me stupid and so we’re gonna start the show at 7:30 pm. Saturday May 26th, at our grand ole space, the projects 3614 High Street NE.