East of Edith Hosts La Palabra and More Hammock plus Hosts du Jour

ImageNext Monday, May 28th at 7 pm, another fine East of Edith is gonna roll through the projects (3614 High Street NE). We are happy to say that a number of women from the collective Jessica Helen Lopez started, La Palabra: The Word is a Woman will be featuring, including Julie Brokken; Katrina Guarascio, co-editor; Brooke von Blomberg, Marilena Vargas, and the founder herself. Moreover, the night will be co-hosted by Lisa-in-the-hammock and Sirena Rayes, both of whom will be reading poems from Daphne Gottlieb, looking across the years. (Sirena will be featured June 11th–another not to be missed).

This night we will also pass the hat to help support the collective, which is getting up to a forthcoming book, writing classes, best-ever networking and support, events, photos—all kinds of goodies. I was just perusing the FB group page (which is open for membership!) and found all kinds of great goodies, from videos and concerns on contemporary representation of women to calls for submissions and cool pics. They have 44 members today and I hope that soon that number doubles… This is the kind of heart-community-motivated literary beauty that I’m always happy to support.

And they have a whole file of cool pics too.

And if you’re unaware, Jessica Helen Lopez also has a new book out from West End Press which is downright irresistible… If she’s “Always Messing with Them Boys,” she’s always supporting the women… and kids… and guys…

Come support this new initiative.And as ever, enjoy the open mic and the poems Sirena and I will intersperse between. And thanks also to Adam Rubinstein for bringing some of Daphne’s books…

(Above photo was posted to La Palabra Group FB page by Taryn Marie, who I believe must have snapped it. Photo below was taken by Mitch Rayes at the Projects and shows Lisa Gill as Jaime Sabines, reading his work, and hosting from the hammock–which will endure the best of the summer months…)